Another $ 527 million in assistance to social works due to the drop in collection

The collection of social works continues in decline and therefore, for the sixth consecutive month, the Superintendency of Health Services granted them a special and extraordinary contribution, this time of $ 527,437,162. It was to compensate for the lower collection they had during September in relation to March, when the pandemic and quarantine began, according to Resolution 1070/2020 published this Monday in the Official Gazette.

Among the entities that will receive contributions in September are the Welfare Projects for Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomic Personnel ($ 140,461,640), Construction-Ospecon ($ 49,729,196) and Passenger Bus Transportation Drivers ($ 38,277,686), three activities hit very hard by the pandemic.

In total, 70 social works receive the difference between the sum of resources received from contributions and contributions during September 2020 – which were $ 5,992,237,278 – and the March 2020 collection, which totaled $ 5,464,800,116, according to the information provided by AFIP.

As Clarín reported, due to the drop in collection as a result of lower activity and lower collection in April compared to March, there was a contribution to social works of $ 1,279.8 million. Due to the lower collection in May compared to March, another $ 1,276.9 million, due to the lower collection in June also compared to March, $ 821.8 million, in July, $ 125.3 million, in August, $ 502.7 million, and in September, $ 527.4 million. . In total they add up to $ 4,533 million. The lower value in July is explained by the collection of contributions and contributions from the half bonus.

The measure of the Superintendency is based on Resolution No. 1397/20 of the Ministry of Health that authorized it to grant “financial support to Health Insurance Agents, on an exceptional and extraordinary basis, with resources from the Emergency and Assistance Fund , in order to compensate for the fall in the collection of contributions and contributions corresponding to the month of July 2020 and the following months, until the social, preventive and mandatory isolation provided for the COVID-pandemic is lifted throughout the country. 19 or the existing resources in the Emergency and Assistance Fund created by Article 6 of Decree No. 908/16 are exhausted, whichever occurs first ”.

Among its objectives, the Emergency and Assistance Fund has to assist “social works in situations of epidemics and / or emergencies in the national territory and the financing of exceptional situations, not contemplated in the current regulations and that produce an impact negative on the economic and financial situation of social works ”.

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